ENygmatic Apps

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Mr. E’s Animal Guessing Game

A learning game for kids and adults of all ages. Guess the animal on the screen, and then shake your device to move on to the next animal.

This game is a great tool to teach word association to young children.

Mr. E’s Nature Trip

Mr. E decided to take a Nature Trip. On this trip he’s going to learn about all the plants, fruits, vegetables, and natural wonders you’d find in nature.

Unfortunately Mr. E lost his guidebook so he needs you to tell him what he’s looking at. Choose wisely and get the high score!

Mr. E’s Animal Match Game

All of Mr. E’s friends have paired up to hang out at Mr. E’s house, but he has to find them first! Match the animals to their twin and help Mr. E out.

Three levels of difficulty, how many friends can you match!

My Collection – Stuff & Things

This app is for all your stuff, and things! How many times have you wanted to catalog your collection of stuff, but never had the right tool. Now you do!

My Collection – Stuff & Things uses your personal iCloud account to store and back up all the data you choose to enter about your stuff. Take a picture, or use a picture from your camera roll, describe your stuff, choose a category, and enter a value.

Get a handle on your stuff!